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Apr 2023
Apr 2022

Rontis provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine

15 Apr 2022
The tragic images that are reaching the world from Ukraine, with civilians losing their lives and thousands of others fighting for their survival, are causing global sadness and disgust. Among them are many children who have unfortunately found themselves in the vortex of war. As a sign of solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian people, the […] [...]
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Dec 2021

Rontamil donation to Lebanon

3 Dec 2021
In light of the dire circumstances in Lebanon, with the ongoing economic crisis and exponential inflation rates, children are unfortunately paying the price. According to a study by UNICEF, out of 1,244 households surveyed in Lebanon, 77% indicated they do not have enough food or money to purchase food. The study also shows that over […] [...]
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Apr 2021

Rontamil donation to Lebanon

8 Apr 2021
Lebanon is a country in crisis. The devastating explosion at Beirut’s harbor in August 2020, economic recession, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, have led to a quite tense situation in Lebanon. Many families can no longer afford milk for their babies, while others cannot find it available at pharmacies and baby stores. Beit El Baraka, […] [...]
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May 2019
Nov 2017

Donation of products to the Charity Organization “Theofilos”

7 Nov 2017
In September, Rontis Hellas gladly responded to the kind request of the Charity Organization for families with more than three children – “Theofilos” and donated Rontamil® Infant Nutrition Products. “Theofilos” needs have multiplied due to economic crisis in Greece, which has affected a lot the living standards of large families. Each donation is highly appreciated, […] [...]
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Oct 2017

Rontis Hellas’ donation to the “Aretaieion” Hospital

31 Oct 2017
Rontis Hellas’ donation to the Neonatology Clinic of the University of Athens in the “Aretaieion” Hospital An event was held in “Aretaieion” Hospital on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 11:30 am for the delivery of the new hyper-freezer, donated by Rontis in order to support the effort of the clinic to renew the infrastructure that […] [...]
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Donation of products to the Organization «Frontida»

30 Oct 2017
The previous month, Rontis Hellas gladly responded to the kind request of the Association “Frontida” and donated Rontamil® Infant Nutrition Products and Novalou® daily care products for infants and children. The organization contacted our company and asked for our contribution to the social store they maintain and which supplies hundreds of families with infants and […] [...]
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Donation of Rontamil for the needs of the Syrian Refugees

6 Oct 2017
As the refugee problem evolves into a major European and global issue and Greece, as a country at the frontiers of the European Union continues welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees seeking a better life in Europe, Rontis is not apathetic, but is actively involved in the efforts many companies, NGOs and ordinary people make to […] [...]
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