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Rontamil donation to Lebanon

In light of the dire circumstances in Lebanon, with the ongoing economic crisis and exponential inflation rates, children are unfortunately paying the price.

According to a study by UNICEF, out of 1,244 households surveyed in Lebanon, 77% indicated they do not have enough food or money to purchase food. The study also shows that over 30% of children in Lebanon went to bed hungry and skipped meals in June 2021.

Rontis Corporation proudly participates in Code Lebanon, an initiative by Nuh Foundation, to support the Lebanese community by securing their basic needs and providing access to a network of educational opportunities.

The first nationwide initiative is Code Milk, in collaboration with Sawa Li Lubnan. Together, both organizations will be answering the needs of families across Lebanon, regardless of background, religion or area.

Families with children under 12 months of age, will sign up on the Code Lebanon platform, and receive a QR code to pick up 2 months’ supply of baby formula. The aim of the campaign is to secure milk for 5,000 children.

In this regard, more than 30.000 units of Rontamil baby formula will be donated through the Code Lebanon’s nationwide initiative of Nuh Foundation in order to shed light on the dire situation in Lebanon and encourage families in need across Lebanon to receive the baby milk that their children need. The milk distribution will happen through the centers nearest to the families.

We are in this together, supporting 5,000 Lebanese families and as always with one mission, to improve the lives of millions!

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