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3rd trimester

Finally, the 3rd trimester has come!
This is maybe the most exciting period of the pregnancy. Preparations of all kinds are taking place. Preparations for the birth, preparations for the new baby accommodation, preparations for the family to welcome the new member. All those with a pinch of curiousness expectation, eagerness, even fear.

Your baby’s development

The baby will grow a lot during this last trimester; more than 2 kg in weight and 10 cm in height, in less than 12 weeks.

Cartilage begins transforming into bone during the 7th and 8th month, as the baby is getting from the mother all the calcium that needs. Babies’ see-through skin tissue is transformed to skin and becomes opaque. Fat continues to concentrate, while vernix and the five senses are fully developed during this period. The baby can taste what you eat, listen to your voice and perceive light and dark. Moreover, touch receptors will be fully developed during the 28th week.

The brain will grow faster than ever during the last 2 months of the pregnancy and the baby will test drive a few new skills including blinking and dreaming, even regulating his own temperature.

Few weeks before going into labor, the baby will assume an almost vertical upside down position – head down and bottom up. This means your baby is ready for the great exodus!

You and your body

With a busy and eager to grow baby inside your belly, this is a period of many body changes. Most of them will never bother you, as your main focus is on baby’s life preparations.
Fatigue is the main concern during this period, as you are carrying now around 10kgs of additional weight. Furthermore, the demands and pressure of the pregnancy force your body to explore its limits.

Uterus is pushing the stomach and its contents upwards, causing a persistent heartburn. Contractions are the way that your body is preparing and training for labor. You will experience loads of those during this period.

It is almost impossible to remain dry during the last weeks of pregnancy; something pretty normal considering the amount of extra weight that your pelvic floor is experiencing.
You are off balance and your body reacts to the oversize waist by growing a bum in order to give you an advantage over gravity.
Your hormones are on constant overdrive, clumsiness, unclear mind, forgetfulness and vivid dreams are some of the consequences.

Did you know that?
  • During the final weeks of pregnancy, meconium or baby’s first poop, starts to build up baby’s intestines.
  • Uterus is such an elastic organ that grows from the size of a pear (at the beginning of pregnancy) to the size of a watermelon.
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