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XX Russian Pediatric Congress

XX Russian Pediatric Congress was held in Moscow on 16-18 of February. The designated topic was “Actual problems of pediatrics”. It appeared to be the most significant event in the field of children’s medicine in the country. More than 10.000 doctors from all over Russia and Europe participated in the congress.

One of the brightest and most visited booths was the booth of Rontamil brand, organized by the official representative in Russian Federation “Medisorb” pharmaceutical company. Besides the booth, Rontamil brand was also presented within the framework of symposium “New facts about baby nutrition” dedicated to the results of the research of Rontamil formula, held by the leading doctors in Russia. The booth was extremely popular among all the pediatricians: more than 3.000 attendees visited it during the congress! The brand ambassadors (medical representatives and territory managers) were detailing the characteristics of Rontamil formula and the interest of doctors was really high.

The successful participation in the XX Russian Pediatric Congress is an important step in spreading Rontamil brand in the world and in Russia particularly.

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