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The New Rontamil Arabic Infant Nutrition product range is here!

Rontis’ vision is to provide optimal nutrition to infants, babies, toddlers and children in all corners of the world. One of the key areas that we wanted to reach and be able to cater was the MENA region. From today we are proud to announce that the Rontamil range will now, also, be available with Arabic/English labels!

We proudly present this New Product line in order to serve the specific needs of many Arabic speaking countries both in a packaging and specification perspective.

The specifications of the products meet the relevant CODEX standards in Infant and Baby nutrition. The Rontamil range is now a step closer to healthcare professionals and parents with the goal to cover the daily infant nutrition needs when breast feeding is not feasible. Our products have already helped thousands of families provide their infants and babies the most complete nutrition during the crucial – for their development – first months and years of the little ones’ lives.

Infant & Baby nutrition is an area in which Rontis has built strong experience over time in the development, production and distribution side of the business. Rontamil is now being marketed for 8 years in international markets, gaining significant market share in its active markets. Over the course of 2017-2019 Rontis has released 5 scientific protocols which clearly demonstrate the organizations’ products superior quality and efficacy. Subsequently, our infant nutrition communication is focused on a HCP level and designed to offer the best solution available for the family and the baby or child.

From this moment onwards we will be able to provide the Rontamil high standard Nutrition range in a large number of new markets in the MENA region.

We constantly strive to meet the most demanding nutrition requirements for each newborn, infant, toddler and child living in each and every country in the world, through distribution channels serviced by top notch professionals who share the same philosophy and ideals with us.

For any further inquiries upon this new product range launch, our infant nutrition team is available and happy to discuss with you at:, Tel: + 41 41 72 04 212,


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