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After 6 months

At six months of age, breast milk or commercial cow milk-based infant formula, is still the main source of energy and nutrients for your baby. However, babies also need other foods to develop and grow properly.
Breastfeeding protects babies against infection and allergies. Mothers who breastfeed have less risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. But in case breast feeding is not enough or feasible, infant formulas is the right alternative.

Your baby is ready to start eating solids when he/she:

Make sure your baby shows all of these signs of readiness before you start solid foods.
Each baby is different. Try not to compare your baby to other babies. Follow your baby’s signs of readiness for food. Talk to your health care provider to help you decide if your baby is ready.

At first your baby may not accept new foods. If baby shows you that he/she does not like the food by closing his/her mouth or turning head away, stop feeding your baby that food. Try it again another day. Keep feeding time pleasant. If your baby feels pressured to eat, she may not want to try other new foods.

Start a new food when your baby is happy and hungry. Start new foods in the morning or at lunchtime. Include him at family mealtimes.

How should I start my baby on a new food?
  • Put a small amount of food on the tip of a small spoon. Hold the spoon so your baby can see it. Then put some food on his lips. Put food in his mouth only if he/she opens it.
  • If your baby does not swallow the food, he/she may not be ready for solid food yet. Wait a few days and try again.
  • If your baby does not like a new food at first, try it again another day. He/she may need to try a new food many times before like it.
  • Gradually give your baby more food. Let your baby guide you. Your baby will tell you he has had enough to eat when he turns his head away or keeps his mouth shut.

It is easy to make your own baby food. You can use the same healthy foods that you feed your family.
Homemade baby food is healthy for your baby. It also:

  • saves you money;
  • lets your baby try a greater variety of foods;
  • helps your baby get used to different textures and tastes; and
  • lets your baby eat the same foods as your family
Protection from allergies

Start with single foods, not mixed. If your baby shows signs of allergy, this makes it easier to know which food is causing the problem.

Milk terminology

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