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What is Baby-Led Weaning?

How to Help Your Infant Feed Themselves Hands off, mama! With baby-led weaning, your kid is in charge. It might be the best thing to happen in the highchair since the invention of the bib. Here are some tips for baby-led weaning success. Popularized in the U.K. with the publication of Baby-Led Weaning, by Gill […]

2 Things to Know About Baby Cereal Nutrition

Many pediatricians agree that baby cereal is an ideal first food. Here is what you should know about the mushy, soft, iron-fortified product. When your pediatrician gives you the go-ahead to introduce solids to your baby, usually around 4-6 months, one of the most popular first foods is baby cereal. These mushy, soft concoctions can […]


Infantile colic is one of the major challenges of parenthood. It is one of the common reasons parents seek medical advice during their child’s first 3 months of life. Colic is defined as paroxysms of crying starting suddenly and for no apparent reason, fussing or irritability and affects infants less than 5 months old. The […]

After 6 months

At six months of age, breastmilk or commercial cow milk-based infant formula, is still the main source of energy and nutrients for your baby. However, babies also need other foods…

From birth up to 6 months

Good nutrition is essential for the growth and development that occurs during an infant’s first year of life. When developing infants are fed the appropriate types and amounts of foods…