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Rontamil 1 with synbiotics is the best choice for not breast fed infants and/or for those that underwent caesarian section.

...the most complete infant formula with synbiotics:
B.lactis & FOS
…for brain, vision and nervous system development
...which is the basic carbohydrate in infant nutrition
...according to the most recent guidelines for the prevention of childhood and adult obesity and casein/whey protein ratio 40/60 like breast milk
...that can be found in breast milk: immune system reinforcement & natural intestinal flora development
LOW PRSL avoid renal function burden

beneficial intestinal flora prevalence over the pathogens in the colon

Microbial exposure along with probiotic and/or prebiotic interventions in infancy are helpful in developing immune system maturation for treatment and prevention of immune-mediated diseases in infancy and childhood.

The addition of probiotics and/or prebiotics in infant nutrition can switch intestinal microbiota into a healthier condition and thus have a significant impact on prevention of allergy.

Usage Method

Wash your hands properly. Clean and sterilize all used materials.

Boil fresh pure water for 5 minutes and then let cool down to 40°C. Pour the correct amount of water into the feeding bottle.

Pour the correct number of powder scoops using the measuring spoon inside the tin.

Close the feeding bottle using the plastic cap and shake well until completely dissolved.

Test the temperature of the milk onto the side of your wrist. Feed the baby as soon as the milk is prepared.

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