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Development milestones associated to food intake

Infant Developmental Skills


Mouth Patterns Hand and Body Skills Feeding Abilities
birth – 3 months
  • Has tongue thrust, rooting, and gag reflex
  • Begins to babble
  • Needs head support
  • Brings hands to the mouth
Coordinates the  suck-swallow-breathe action while breast or bottle feeding
 4 – 7 months
  • Transfers food from front to back of the tongue to swallow
  • Opens the mouth when  sees spoon approaching
  • Begins to control the position of food in the mouth
  • Uses up-and-down munching movement
  • Has head and neck control
  • Sits with support
  • Brings objects to the mouth
  • Begins to sit alone unsupported
  • Tries to grasp small objects such as toys and food
  • Takes in a spoonful or strained/pureed/mashed food and swallows without choking
  • Drinks small amounts from a cup (with spilling) held by another person
  • Begins to eat mashed foods
  • Eats from a spoon easily
  • Begins to feed self with hands
 8 – 12 months
  • Uses the jaw  and tongue to mash food
  • Uses rotary chewing (diagonal movement of the jaw as food is moved to the side or center of the mouth)
  • Sits alone easily
  • Easily grasps and/or brings small objects to the mouth, such as finger foods
  • Begins to hold a cup with two hands
  • Has good eye-hand-mouth coordination
  • Begins to eat ground/finely chopped/diced food and small pieces of soft, cooked table food
  • Bites through a variety of textures
  • Demands to spoon-feed self



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