• The Complete Formula

    Rontamil offers your baby the best possible solution when breast feeding is not applied. Always seek your doctor’s advice.
  • Love and Care

    Your loving care fills your baby with love and security. Rontamil strengthens your baby’s immune system.
  • For Happy Babies

    Love, security and a balanced diet ensures a healthy development. The recipe for happy babies.
Composition & Specifications
Products of research by experts in infant nutrition, delivering the best nutritional values and the most advanced ingredients nature and science can offer.
Quality & Flavor
Rontamil: a product of high quality and with infants’ and children favorite flavor
Millie Answers Your Questions
Anything that can trouble you, worry you, anything that can facilitate you and your everyday life with your baby, in simple FAQ


……to provide a newborn with the best possible nutritional values one must use the most advanced ingredients that nature in combination with modern technology can offer. Rontis after thorough research and by collaborating with some of the most prominent researchers in the field of infant nutrition is proud to present the rontamil infant and baby nutrition product range. And so…life begins.


Breastfeeding offers babies the best nutrition for correct development. However, should breastfeeding be not possible for medical, practical or personal reasons, the European Pediatrics Society acknowledges that good alternatives to breast milk are available.